Why we choose who we are.

You know, sometimes, fucking all the time, yeah I hear ya alright, stuff happens and we see the surface level then quickly suppose it means something.  I didn’t get the job therefore I ain’t good enough maybe, something sketchy along those lines. So even if the case happens to be that the employer simply decided […]

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Roles of this roost?

What does it take to feel significant today? Play? Personal purpose? To which unfathomable length will we go moon after moon to prove and solidify our assumed roles within this elaborately grandiose societal roost? 24,000 km? Where is the hope in seeing seven year old children cast into the spotlight together with an ensemble of […]

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Play for Play.

This is what I think I know about being a human. I came to magically be in the form of a mammalian body. Apparently I came clumped together in a cluster of cells from the warm interior of my mothers womb one day of the winter season. It was snowing that day. White wonder flakes […]

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Making ‘my’ meaning from any moment that can mean anything – because it means nothing anyway.

Hai Hai! Has anybody ever been in a situation where it is as if some conundrumming circumstance or particularly clever person is trying to test your patient limits? Let’s have for example an interview I partook in yesterday, seated I was with a lady who conducted it and a co-candidate lad, imagine it all as […]

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Just keep breathing.

Under rated, mostly ignored,some don’t even know it exists. A plainly simple truth with one function. Keeping us alive. Somebody once said that isn’t it kind of bizarre so many people here on the planet really don’t even realize they’re breathing? Put another way, aware of being alive, since without this powerful automatic action we […]

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The you that is taboo

These words are forming part of the experience the reader is having, now. although the author does not know what else is at play within each individual experience, it is certain that at some stage of life the question of who am I arises within us all Who am I? Who is the I that […]

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